Revised edition of A Quick Guide to Getting Organised + individual templates now available for downl31-Oct-2008

A revised edition of my Quick Guide to Getting Organised is now available for download, as well as i..

Are you spending too much time on administering your business instead of growing it?


Need to do things like update your website but just don't have the time?

Or do you just need some systems and procedures to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively?


Don’t have the workload or resources for a permanent onsite assistant?


Then just love to give (VSS) may be the perfect solution for you!


just love to give (VSS) was established to meet the demands of a growing number of businesses who have neither the resources or workload to invest in a full time support person, but who still want to benefit from an on demand service from an experienced and qualified professional. We have helped numerous clients across Australia by providing them cost effective Virtual Assistant solutions. One of our clients who deal with bond cleaners in Brisbane have experienced tremendous growth in sales by accepting after hours calls helping them make additional sales. We found that they were receiving over 10 Bond cleaning enquiries daily after 5:00 pm and therefore helped them boost up their sales by 78%. Our actions speak for ourself, we even offer a week trial to all our new clients. Contact us for more information.


Michelle Eckles (founder of VSS) is a Professional Virtual Assistant (PVA-2007™) – a highly skilled and experienced provider of professional business services - from a home based office rather than your place of business. Whether you have a one off project or require ongoing support Michelle provides a range of business services at rates competitive with an employment agency but without the cost of employee contracts, superannuation, workers compensation, taxation, holiday or sick leave. And you only pay for the time it takes to complete a task or specific project.


How it Works:


One off Projects for new clients
1.       Email, phone or fax job requirements to VSS (or complete online enquiry form)
2.       Receive a quote
3.       Confirm & pay deposit 
4.       Receive finished job via email, fax or post 



Regular Support 
1.       Email, phone or fax job requirements to VSS as and when required
2..... Receive finished job via email, fax or post.
3..... Receive an invoice at the end of the month for work completed....

Business Support Solutions

Just Love to Give offers high-quality, reliable and quick virtual business administrative services to both small businesses and start-up companies across Australia.

Business Administration

We offer a complete range of business administration services, including appointment scheduling and managing, GDPR policy and procedure creation, maintaining email inboxes. Database management, maintaining SOP’s, Managing e-filing document, creating weekly and monthly reports and a lot more for the smooth running of a business.

We understand you are looking for a trusted and cost-effective business support solution to help you grow your business. Our highly-trained professionals will assist you according to your business requirements and offer you customised packages to suit your budget and specific needs. Our client-based approach and dedication gives you value for money while our staff is always available to resolve your problems whenever you need our service.

HR and Recruitment

Our company specialises in providing the best HR and Recruitment services such as recruitment co-ordination, training co-ordination, general HR administration duties, contract administration, GDPR duties and much more.

Marketing Administration

Our marketing administration services include lead generation, CRM support, sales administration, PR support, event administration, social media content creation and dataset creation to start-ups and small businesses all around Australia.

We take immense pride in our high-quality, reliable and future-drive marketing administration solutions, and that’s why all types and sizes of businesses across Australia hire us. Our experts understand your requirements and also provide you with ongoing online marketing, social media and other administrative services so that you can take your business to the new heights.

Benefits of Hiring Us

We, at Just Love to Give, aim at minimising your administration cost as well as time so that you can focus on other important operations that can help you generate higher revenues. We are a one-stop solution for your business administration needs.


We are committed to offering reliable and precise solutions to small business owners and start-up firms for their development and expansion.

We are Affordable

With our virtual administration service, you can save a lot of time and money. There will be no office equipment or payroll. Your money will be saved because everything will be managed virtually.


You will only pay for the work or time spent on particular tasks. Our team work closely with clients and offer them productive work at the best price.

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