Following is a general list of the services that I provide. However, if the service you require is not on the list please don’t hesitate to call or email and I will endeavour to fulfil your requirements or recommend another professional who specialises in that field.

Þ      CD/DVD Burning - copying data or images to disc

Þ      Database assistance - maintaining & updating contacts, client lists, email marketing lists, etc.

Þ      Image editing & formating (Adobe Photoshop) - downloading from cameras, scanning, resizing for websites, uploading to websites, etc.  

Þ      Editing & proofreading - website content, manuals, books, etc.

Þ      Expenses management - tracking monthly expenses, creating budgets, etc.

Þ      Event management - corporate & private, e.g. weddings, social functions, product launches, christmas parties, etc. (Diploma in Event Management)  

Þ      Correspondence & document creation & formatting - manuals, reports, letters, proposals, tenders, mail merges, resumes, spreadsheets, etc.

Þ      IT support - hardware, upgrades, software, training in Microsoft products such as word, excel, etc. (Microsoft Certified Professional)

Þ      Download guide to getting organised, tips, templates, tools, etc. (member of Australasian Association of Professional Organisers)

Þ      PDF file conversion & editing (Acrobat Professional) - convert documents, reports, etc. to pdf, create online pdf forms, edit pdf documents, etc.

Þ      PowerPoint presentations - create, update, templates, training (10+ years experience across a range of industries)

Þ      Project management - manage and coordinate aspects of a detailed job or event

Þ      Research - internet, phone, etc. internet, phone, etc.

Þ      Systems & procedures - to improve efficiency, e.g. filing systems, templates, email management, etc.

Þ      Template & stationery design - letterhead, fax headers, invoices, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, forms, etc. 

Þ      Travel arrangementsonline flights, car hire, accommodation, research, etc.

Þ      Website setup & maintenance - domain name registration, hosting, setup, email marketing, online shops, content updates, etc.